Welcome to the land of Nod.

It's just plain stupid to keep up-arming Islamic nations.  The few which are considered 'friendly' are only friendly because we keep giving them money and weapons.  We do that by dragging the US citizenry into the poor house and then oppressing them with militarized police.  If another nation does that, Obama and Clinton are all over the news condemning it.  When WE do it, it's anti-terrorism or some other bullshit.  

Let's see if the nation is going in the right direction.

We are arming Egypt.  We are arming Afghanistan.  We are arming Pakistan.  IRAN will fight us, for the most part, with our own weapons.  And they aren't even the best weapons available.  Russia has the best next-generation fighter aircraft and better individual and crew-served weapons.  We could equip the entire military for what it cost to decide not to build F-35s.

Can someone explain to me why land-locked countries, which have no ports or sea-lanes to protect need navies and particularly submarines?  No?

OK, back to arming the enemy:

Those old T-55s that Egypt used to invade Israel were almost enough to do the job.  1,300 SOTA M1 Abrams tanks aren't for fighting the Lebanese.  They are for fighting Israel.  I am really surprised the drug cartels haven't bought a thousand tanks to deploy on the Arizona border.  They already have sophisticated communications equipment, aircraft and submarines.

Now…while that's going on, has anyone noticed the US national debt is now as big as the US national budget? 

Where does the US get the money to pay off that debt?  Not from selling weapons to our friendly enemies.  The government doesn't tax itself and the big defense contractors pay little or no taxes anyway.  So it gets money from taxing the citizens.  In order to do that successfully, the citizens have to have jobs.  But those jobs have been outsourced and the companies that did it don't pay taxes either.

Sooooo…I get $544 a month in Social Security.  I pay tax on that, but at the end of the year, because I live under the poverty level, I get those taxes back.  It should be a wash.  The money I paid in to Social Security all these years should be alive and well, and the interest on it should take care of me and everyone else.  But it doesn't, because the various congresses – the same people who are still in office right now – stole all that cash to finance ridiculous wars and replaced it with Treasury Bonds.  Not even Treasury Bonds, really.  There is some BS IOU that the government issues internally to remind itself to pay itself back for stealing all our money.

But even with their sticky fingers on the throttle of the printing machines, the government can't keep up – and so I owe the government about $50,000, plus ongoing interest, that they spent for things I never agreed to.  Not just me.  ALL OF US.  Every man, woman and child in the US owes that much.  I, for one, can't pay it back.  Since I didn't borrow it, I don't feel responsible for paying it back.  But if I, or anyone else happens to occupy Zuccotti park and demand that someone find out where that money went, and make THEM pay it back, the batons and tasers come out.

Do you know why a lot of politicians aren't running for another term?  They see the writing on the wall.  Someone is going to catch on eventually and there will be a million-man march on Washington with torches and pitchforks or even tanks and troop carriers.  This isn't some dictatorship.  The US military won't dare fire on US citizens.  Sure, they's win the battle – but the entire country would turn into an armed resistance machine.  You know it and I know it.  And the resistance machine is already cranking up after police gunned down multiple former Combat Marines in the streets – or in their own home, where they SHOULD be protected against unlawful search and seizure – or murder.

But the Constitution no longer exists.  America has been declared a combat zone and that law was signed by the President.  The citizens didn't declare it a combat zone against the government.  The GOVERNMENT has declared that WE are terrorists on our own soil.  I have friends who diss the Occupy movement as bums and scofflaws.  But when the TEA party protests, it's different somehow.  But it's not. 


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