Big Island car dealership Asshats and Good Guys.


This fool:

The Big Island Ford dealers: Asshats.  They will sell you a 2011 demo (that means USED) for the full 2012 retail price minus incentives – about $4,000 over what it was worth in 2010 and about $22,000 over what it will be worth the SECOND you drive it off the lot.  And the '13s are coming out.  Who is kidding whom?  

The Big Island Honda dealers. Asshats:  They kept me there for THREE hours and then offered to sell me a car for ONLY $500 OVER FULL RETAIL!

The Big Island Chrysler dealers. Asshats:  I don't even want to talk about it.

The salesman at Kia was so tweaked on ice, I had to walk off the lot.  

I WENT TO EVERY ONE OF THEM, JUST TO CHECK.  IF YOUR RELATIVE WORKS AT ANY OF THE ASSHAT dealerships, he is going to rip you off even more because you trust him. Then YOU are an asshat too.

Not asshats, but gone to hell in a handbasket:  Aiona car sales.  Still really nice people, but the cars aren't that great.  Look at them closely. VERY closely.



Where to buy cars and trucks on the Big Island, get treated well, and not get ripped off:

Deluz Toyota, Chevrolet or Mazda.  

SERIOUSLY.  Go to Big Island Toyota and ask for Kurt or Deluz Chevrolet and ask for Albert Watanabe.

Otherwise, you have more money than brains.

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