Baseless nuclear waste rumors

This is actually funny.  I am laughing. (insert laugh track).  I have sufficient filtration components at my home to filter out ALL radionuclides from water, whether collected from rain or as residual fallout into catchment tanks.  I also have water filtration system components which will kill all biologicals to .01 micron in diameter – and then a commercial ultraviolet system to kill the rest.

Let Japan poison the world.  I am – or can be – impervious to airborne and seaborne radiation dangers.  In fact, my vegetables and aquaponics constructions are  are impervious as well.  There is a certain lead-time during which some radiation gets through, but those are the products I will sell, not the ones I will use.

Yes, it seems that the human race is on the fast track to extinction, and precious metal is not going to provide any prophylaxis.

Goodbye everyone.  I am sorry no one took the situation seriously enough to initiate any mitigation policies.  I did, but I am not inclined to share my solutions with people who will simply implement them incorrectly, die a slow, horrible, painful death, and try to blame me for not telling them earlier.

It's OK, though.  Shit happens.  It is now happening to you.


On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 08:35, Joseph Ayer <> wrote:

The Japanese are taking radioactive debris from Fukushima and burning it in another location spreading the nuclear waste.

I believe if the debris is widely accepted all over Japan, we can overcome the baseless rumors.

Here is more information on Japan's national policy of distributing the nuclear waste throughout Japan and muting ” baseless rumors”


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