How long have I been warning about this?

Oh, since gold went above $500.

And a 'snot right' award to Joeseppi for dissing me after I made a humorous reply to a funny pic he sent….and then claimed he has dystopia.  Pffffft!   HEY, I'm watching your headers, OK?  They just ain't as great as some others I've seen.

H/T to Patty Golden for finding these gems ( I know I said I wasn't Hat-tipping anymore, but these are just fooking outstanding finds!:

Very close to winning.

And for waking me up to renew my subscription:

Then there is this regarding GMO crops – and GMO everything else.

But I have been warning about it since….well… Friday the 13th.-, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Frankenberry: Not just a sugary cereal anymore.

Genetic modification of seeds (and animals) is a great way to make money.  Monsanto makes a lot of money selling GMO seeds…which they have selectively modified to resist pests, disease, weather extremes and weedkillers…like glufosinate (Liberty) and glyphosate (Roundup). 

There used to be controls on GMO  but now they are either unregulated or the regulation isn't done.  After all, if a farmer can double his yield by simply changing seeds, he will do it, law or no law.  Money talks and it talked to congress when the GMO controversy started in the eighties.  Canola is a good example, and the one referenced in this article.

GMO canola, resistant to just about everything, has jumped the fence in North Dakota and is evolving. That's not good because canola is a weed and sexually compatible with a bunch of other weeds. THOSE weeds are the reason farmers buy weedkiller.  But as soon as the new weeds grab canola's trangenic traits, and I am talking about INTRODUCED genes, not natural ones,  they become Frankenweeds. The unintended consequence of allowing GMO crops without any regulation is that when they get loose and start exchanging genes with other species, none of it can be killed or controlled and the genes which were introduced to make them high producers also make them the fittest to survive in a competitive environment…and allows them to range over the entire continent and decimate every natural species they encounter.

Now comes the unintended consequences which no one anticipated.  The Frankenweeds are now genetically superior to all food crops except other GMO crops. But even then, they have the same resistance to herbicide as the GMO food crop.  The weeds will take over non-GMO crops.  But farmers could once spray for weeds without killing their GMO crops. That will work until the weeds have the same resistance to herbicide as the main crop. Then it won't.

Here is the story.  You don't have to read anything into it.  It's self-explanatory. 

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