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  • There has never been an incident involving a table saw (30,000 casualties a year in the US) or a chair or ladder (the leading cause of ER visits) or a sharp object (the primary homicide instrument in the US and the WORLS through history and still #1 today) or a firearm (so far down on the list they usually don't MAKE the list) in which case the inanimate object was at fault. NO DEATH OF A HUMAN OR ANIMAL OR FISH OR TREE HAS EVER BEEN INTENTIONALLY CAUSED BY AN INANIMATE OBJECT.

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  • Thomas Burnett In Switzerland, every man of military age is requires to serve a minimum military tour for training. He is then required to keep the weapon he was issued for the rest of his life and may carry it around and practice with it – in fact, he is REQUIRED to practice with it. The is almost no crime at all in Switzerland. In Israel, every man and woman of military age are trained and issued a firearm, typically an automatic rifle (AKA an 'assault rifle') which they must keep immediately available at all times, and may carry it if they wish. Crime in Israel? Not much. The reason? Because everyone is trained and armed. The citizens of these countries are trained to be proactive – not to hide in the basement and hope the police get there before someone kills them all. They are trained and encouraged and EXPECTED to protect themselves against a sudden attack. And because they do, and because they are armed, and not afraid to defend themselves, armed criminals don't last very long.

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  • Thomas Burnett Intelligent people recognize that you cannot make inanimate objects or natural plants or natural processes illegal. A state or country might make it illegal to use one of those things in a manner likely to hurt someone else, and those laws are in place. You cannot show up to your job drunk or stoned and reasonably be permitted to operate heavy equipment. But the plant or beverage had no choice in who used it or how and thus its existence cannot logically be illegal. Even criminal intent cannot really be illegal unless the intent is put into practice – which is why the FBI gives these dumbass terrorist wannabies fake explosives and lets them try to blow up Manhattan. But the police officers who killed the Marine in Pima county without a criminal charge or a shred of evidence committed a crime and they get to walk away. Oakland PD shot Scott Olson in the head with a beanbag and there are no charges, even though it was captured on film and he was not a threat to anyone. The laws we have must be applied equally to every citizen, including every police officer and every politician. You cannot use your office to simply ignore the law the rest of use have to abide – or, pretty soon, no one will abide the law. Laws are agreements between gentlemen to act in a particular way so as to maintain the general peace. They must be enforced equally between gentlemen, or they are useless for their purpose.


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