Fukushima – my assessment

(1) All 4 reactors and fuel pools are down.  Because no one will make any effort at all to make 60s era reactors safer or replace them because of the costs involved and the potential loss of investment dollars, ALL similar reactors are in imminent danger.  This was a wake-up call that didn't wake anyone up.

(2) TEPCO has been cooking the books regarding their financial status. They are broke.  They have never mounted a serious clean-up effort because they don't have the money to do it.  In fact, they are about to walk away from Fukushima because there is nothing else they can do.    

(3) The island of Honshu is poisoned between at least Sendai, Nagoya and Kyoto.  That includes Tokyo and Yokohama. 

(4) Two or three complete weather seasons will probably poison the entire Northern hemisphere to some degree including the Pacific Ocean.  There could be one or two million additional deaths, but not enough to be statistically significant.  No one will probably notice.  People over the age of 50 will essentially be unaffected.

(5) Hawaii is on the cusp – we will survive with some increase in leukemia but likely not a noticeable increase as one form of cancer will simply replace others.

(6) During migration; to escape from predators and maybe just to save energy reserves and go faster, squid launch themselves into the air and accelerate in controlled flight until they exhaust their jet. Then they enter a glide phase – also fully controlled flight. Squid have been observed to fly to altitudes of 60 feet in the air and travel for 150 feet.  Their fins are evolving in the shape of wings and serve essentially the same purpose.

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