The flight of the Bunglebee.

The Republican Hindenburg is nearing the end of it's flight and is expected to moor at Lakehurst, N.J. on Wednesday. Pilot Mitt Romney was quoted by reporters as saying “Everything will be fine as long as that idiot Gilligan keeps his hands off the controls”. 

The co-pilot, Paul Ryan kidded “I sure hope 'Stenchie' understands that we aren't flying to Kolob. Letting him steer this thing is l

ike giving Lindsay Lohan an F-22 and an 8-ball. 

Karl Rove, the flight engineer, was heard screaming at a group of pregnant women: “Your right to life ends at the hatch of my lifeboat! Out of the way, bitches!” As he dived into the lone escape capsule and ejected from what many now regard as the flight to hell.


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