Lava Prediction, 3 October, UPDATED 19:30

The lava has started moving again. The map is now current.  I came back in to check when Chopper 1 went over my house this evening.  Looks like we are back to twice-a-day chopper flights.

At this point it really doesn’t make a lot of difference for property values south of …say….HPP.  They are tanking.  Especially since Oprah went on TV a couple of years ago and said that Puna property was a bargain and everyone starting buying homes here.  On the side of two active volcanos.  Oprah lives on Maui.  They have no live volcanos there.

But I can advance my prediction just a bit.  IF the lava continues, which I still believe it won’t….

The little bit of flow that moved has jumped into a stream bed.  If it stays there and continues along the stream bed – which is the most logical route – it will miss or just catch the south edge of the transfer station, cross the old government road between the transfer station road and the post office road, then cross Hwy 130 just NORTH of the Post office road (about where the radar speed sign is) and then meander down toward Kahakai.  If it keeps going it could cut the road about halfway down and again by the elementary school before it turns NE and cuts Railroad and Beach road before going into the ocean.

I doubt it will keep going.  Even if it does, it will be a pretty small flow and we can work around it.

I’ll let you know when to panic:  Never.


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